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Lori Hadley

Lori has always had a love for gymnastics and cheerleading. Growing up participating in both, Lori developed a passion for each sport and always tried to encourage her friends and fellow cheerleaders to get involved as well. Lori attended The University of Alabama from 1990-1994 and was the program director at Alabama Gymnastics Academy from 1990-1995, working very closely with David and Sarah Patterson, learning as much as possible by helping coach with the college team. She then opened, operated, and successfully ran her own gym and all-star cheerleading program in Eufaula, AL for 12 years.  
Lori decided to obtain her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from South Alabama so she sold her business and moved to Daphne in 2008. She coached several all-star teams at Cheer Force One during the three years she was in PT School and then moved with Gem of Champions when Cheer Force One closed in 2010. Lori has combined her numerous years of experience in gymnastics and cheerleading and her vast knowledge of physical therapy to make herself the best possible coach.
Lori LOVES, I mean LOVES, Alabama football, and her favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Easter.   She also loves Italian food, so it is no surprise her favorite restaurant is a local….Cousin Vinny's.  In addition, Lori enjoys working out, reading and learning, paddle boarding, going fishing,  and shopping online…simply because she can't stand wasting time.   Lori has two dogs, Henry and Sam, who are both rescue dogs and both over 12 years old.  They aren't very active, but they are very sweet and cuddly.


Emily Beech

Mrs. Emily may not be a coach but that doesn’t stop her from being a little Ray of Sunshine! In the office most of the time, your kids will be welcomed by her upbeat and positive attitude! She is a mother of two beautiful children and has been happily married for 7 years. When Emily isn’t juggling family and work life, she loves to soak up the sunshine, has a boarder line OBSESSION with reading, and loves painting/crafting with her husband and kids. Her favorite place to dine is down in Orange Beach at The Gulf. Christmas is THE holiday in her house, and if her orange purse and orange car wasn’t evident enough as to what her favorite color is…well…bless you.


Ashley Owen

Coach Ashley has been with Next Level Tumbling since 2012 and is passionate about the sport. When Ashley isn’t working she enjoys going on the boat, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Abby. She loves Alabama football… Roll Tide! Her favorite place to vacation is Disney. Your child will love being in a class with coach Ashley!


Jacob Hildreth

One of our newest coaches to Next Level Tumbling is Jacob Hildreth. He has been coaching tumbling for 3 years. Jacob was the captain of the cheerleading team at the University of Mobile. One of Jacob’s biggest accomplishments in this sport was being on UCA Staff. When Jacob isn’t working he enjoys going to the beach, fishing and riding his motorcycle. He also loves watching Auburn football.


Chance Sauer

Chance Sauer is a coach here at Next Level Tumbling that has 4 years of experiance coaching high level skills. Outside of Next Level Tumbling, Chance enjoys spending his time on the water either fishing or wake boarding. One of his greatest accomplishments in cheer is placing top three at NCA Nationals in college. His favorite skill to spot is a full and because he attended the University of Alabama he enjoys Alabama football. 


Shawn Johnson

Coach Shawn has been with Next Level Tumbling since 2012. He has been coaching this sport for over 25 years and has coached athletes for the World Championships in power tumbling. You could say he is a BIG DEAL. Shawn is married to Jamie Johnson and they have 2 cats. He loves to mountain bike, fish, and pull for all SEC football teams. Shawn is also the art teacher at Fairhope Middle School. A few more tidbits about him are: he enjoys vacations to Disney World, dining at Felix’s restaurant, and Christmas is his favorite holiday. Shawn’s biggest pet peeve is annoying sounds while he is driving. If you are in one of his classes, you are sure to enjoy his awesome personality along with his tender heart and genuine joy of working with children.


Jenny Murphy

Coach Jenny has been a valuable team member of Next Level Tumbling for 4 years. She is a fun loving mother of two, who teaches preschool when she isn’t working at the gym. This makes Jenny the perfect coach for our younger beginner students. When she isn’t being Super MOM, Jenny enjoys painting and cooking. She loves taking vacations with her family to Hawaii and Key West. One of Jenny’s biggest pet peeves is people not following rules(it’s the mom in her) Christmas is her favorite holiday and she loves the color blue. Your children will feel right at home with Coach Jenny!


Cory Kucera

Coach Cory has been with Next Level Tumbling for 3 years and is a remarkable, hardworking young man. He is the epitome of the ‘No Quit’ attitude. He must have been a cat in a previous life because the man can land on his feet no matter what. One of his favorite accomplishments in this sport is the Standing Arabian. He is a patient and encouraging coach. When Cory manages from free time he enjoys scuba diving with his sister, Bre, spearfishing and video games…there’s a ‘video game’ theme here with our boys apparently. He is a proud owner of 2 dogs and a turtle. He also enjoys vacationing at Lake Gunnersville with friends and family and his favorite holiday is New Years. His coaching is invaluable and your children will be conquering their goals in no time!


Bre Kucera

Coach Bre has been a remarkable team member of Next Level Tumbling for 4 years. She is very passionate about the sport and has been coaching for more than 14 years. Just a few of her many accomplishments entail being a cheerleader for one of her favorite college football team, LSU. As well as being the Head Coach for the University of South Alabama’s cheerleading team. Bre is a true ‘Go Getter’. When she’s not coaching she’s in the gym working out, scuba diving with her brother Cory, or horseback riding. Some might not know this about Bre, but one of her biggest pet peeves is loud eating, so no smacking around her unless you want to see CRAZY EYES! Bre also enjoys dinners with her family at her favorite restaurant, R&R’s. Her favorite vacation has been to Key West, and the holiday she gets most excited for is Christmas. Your child will love being in class with Coach Bre… She loves working with kids and her passion for the sport is contagious.


Emily Langner

Coach Emily has been a valuable team member of Next Level Tumbling for 4 years.  When she isn’t at work she enjoys photography, arts and crafts, and going to the beach. Her favorite restaurant is Macaroni Grill. She loves taking vacations to the Florida Keys with her friend, Kelsey. Christmas is her favorite holiday! Emily’s favorite color is purple and her favorite trick to spot is a back walk over. Emily is a true delight to have here at Next Level.


Angel Black

Coach Angel has been a wonderful team member at Next Level Tumbling for 2 years, but she has been coaching for 4 years. She has competed with the University of South Alabama in cheerleading and is very meticulous about the sport. When Angel isn’t working she enjoys being very active swimming, paddle boarding and being outdoors. There aren’t many things Angel doesn’t like, but one of here biggest pet peeves is when people say the word “can’t”. Angel loves spending time with her husband and family. Christmas is one of her favorite holidays, and Half Shells is on the top of her favorite restaurant list. She is a driven and ambitious young woman who enjoys working with kids of all ages.


Casey Tomberlin

Coach Casey has been coaching for 5 years. She is a cheerleader at the University of South Alabama. Her greatest accomplishment in this sport is getting her full. When Casey isn’t working she enjoys being very active fishing, working out and tumbling. Casey loves spending time with her dogs, Dewy & Boone. Easter is one of her favorite holidays, and Bluegill is on the top of her favorite restaurant list. She is a driven and ambitious young woman who enjoys working with kids of all ages.


Sydney Murphy


Coach Sydney is our newest addition to the team. Her favorite trick to preform is a front handspring to a front tuck. Christmas is one of her favorite holidays. Her favorite movie of all-time is Pirates of the Caribbean.  We are so happy to have Coach Sydney on our team, she is a driven and ambitious young woman who loves this sport!


Alexis Engleman

Coach Alexis is no stranger at Next Level; she was a student when the doors opened and became a junior coach not long after that. She exemplifies every CORE VALUE at Next Level!   She cheered at Robertsdale and then later at Fairhope (where she graduated) and is now a sophomore at The University of South Alabama majoring in criminal justice and pre-law.   She is an AWESOME head coach!  Alexis LOVES her church, babysitting, working out, and HORSES!   This Mexican free-spirited lady knows just about as much about tumbling as Mrs. Lori herself.  Alexis's roommates say she is the backbone of their "household" always setting up roommate time and activities for them to bond over.  Trust us....your daughter (or SON) is going to LOVE being in Miss Alexis's class!

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