"She has absolutely loved it! She has only had 2 classes so far, but has already been corrected on simple things that I know will help her to progress and advance in her tumbling skills. So glad that we have made the change.
Thank you again!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Jennifer Miles

"Lori, I just want to say thanks for all you are doing for Trinity in learning tumbling. She has been taking some type of tumbling/gymnastics since she was 3. She has learned more in the 3 months being at Next Level Tumbling than she has anywhere. We have tried several different gyms but I can say, by far, this is our best experience. This is the first time she has actually wanted to practice at home and improve her skills and I contribute it to being a member of your gym and the encouragement of your instructors. Thanks for all you are doing for her!"                                                                                                                                       -Sheryl Trawick

"The best way to describe Next Level Tumbling is AWESOME!!!! Since starting with Next Level Tumbling, my daughter Maggie has mastered new tricks at a much faster rate than in the past. The the smaller class size and instruction from trained, qualified instructors has given her the confidence she needed to feel comfortable attempting new tricks. She has never been this excited to attend a tumbling class as she is now. My child is thriving on the fact that the instructors believe in her and have high expectations. Because of the small classes, there is little opportunity for my daughter to "goof off" or wait her turn. Most importantly for me, she is learning to perform these tricks correctly and safely.

I truly can not say enough good things about Next Level Tumbling."                                                                                                                                                                       -Jill Delamore

"I asked my child how she liked going to Next Level after her first visit, and she told me she didn't just like it, she loved it! She's excited to go to Next Level every week. She asked me if she could go more than once a week!"                                                                        -Lee Hall

"We attended another gym before this and I can honestly say that nothing compares to the experience and expertise of Lori and her staff. Not only do they strive for perfection in the tricks, they motivate my girls to be the best they can be in all areas. Confidence is such an important factor for so many girls..I know it is for mine..and Lori has given this. We were at the point at the other gym, that one of my girls no longer wanted to take tumbling..after working with Lori, she has been on fire for tumbling, with the instruction and confidence given, she is even doing back handsprings at school, whereas before she would have never attempted this.

Thank you so much to Lori, Brice, and the rest of her staff for all they have done for my girls."                                                                                                                                       -Teri Paul

"With Coach Lori’s extensive training and education in physical therapy and her many years of experience in coaching cheer, I feel very comfortable with my child receiving instruction from her. I know that she is learning the proper techniques that will hopefully prevent future injury. Coach Lori goes the extra mile not only in pushing her students in a loving, firm way, but also by recognizing their accomplishments by mailed notes, emails, or just a pat on the back. I so love watching my daughter progress every week. Thank you, Coach Lori!"

-Stephanie Ellis

"Emma's experience with Next Level has been AMAZING! Lori is not only educated but by far a coach that instills confidence and gets RESULTS. We know she would expect no less from her staff. When Emma started class, she only knew how to do a cartwheel. Six months later she is doing front and back walkovers and back handsprings!
She looks forward to each class and I can't wait to see what's to come for Emma at Next Level!"

 -Nikki Givens

 "She just loved it!! She said that she felt really safe and that I found the perfect place. She must have asked me 20 times if I thought she did good last night because she was so nervous. Please put her on the roll. Thank you for starting this happy place up."

-Teresa Beers

"Lori is an amazing teacher! She has the patience, knowledge and passion to take any athlete to the next level."

-Jennifer Eady, Owner Hot Wheels

"Anna Claire loves how fun the class is. I really appreciate how each child is made to feel confident. The way everyone praises and encourages is what every parent wishes for in a teacher."

-Laura Potier

"My daughter learned more from one lesson than all of the lessons she has had in the past with other coaches. We are amazed with her progress!"

-Camille Deer 


Testimonials - 1 to 1 of 1


Next Level is the BEST!!! Awesome staff!! My daughter tends to continue to do what she does best but her coach pushes her to do better and learn new things. He is wonderful along with all the other coaches. I love that they have Jr. coaches as well. They are great role models for the younger girls. I just can't say enough about how we have enjoyed Next Level!!
My daughter has been going to Next Level for over a year now and her tumbling has improved tremendously. She loves every minute of her class. The coaches are always trying to help their students become better. If a child needs extra help, the coaches will take the time to give them that help. Everyone is very positive, helpful and encouraging. I love being able to watch my daughter during class too. The class sizes are small so the students get more one on one instruction from the coach and the kids are never just sitting around and waiting for a turn.
If I ever have a question or need to make up a class, the front desk staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I would recommend Next Level to everyone!!!

This faculty and facility is beyond state of the art and they are truly invested in the progress of your child. My daughter had one goal and that was to make high school cheerleading. Having never cheered before I was skeptical. Lori made sure she was not only prepared but confident and she made the squad! I love this place!LOVE Next Level!! The staff members are patient, knowledgeable, and effective!! One of my favorite things about this gym is its conservativeness in regards to attire! We have been there a year and my 5 year old has mastered levels 1 and 2! She is now in level 3 working on her back-hand-spring!! They know her by name and make her feel like she's a part of the Next Level Family!!!!

I highly recommend Next Level for any parent who is searching for a tumbling gym which will provide a program which will develop their children beyond just great physical fitness but also with discipline and ethics. All of this is provided with a mix of a fun environment and great coaching! My daughter has attended for over 3 years and the transformation has been incredible! Miss Lori runs a great program!

We have been a part of many tumbling centers for our daughter due to our moving several times. Next Level is by far the best tumbling training center we have been a part of. The instructors are extremely competent and consistent. Our daughter loves it and has been extremely successful this past year. She loves tumbling and looks forward to it each week. We hope to never move and never leave Next Level.

We love Next Level Gym! All of the coaches are so patient and personally interested in the best for your child. The gym is clean. Ms. Lori and the office staff keep you informed with great communication. This was our first year but definitely not our last. I see my daughter progressing and growing here.

Describe my experience? Man, is there enough room? This place has been unbelievable for my little girl. We started off 18 mths ago with a terrible cart wheel and have progressed to a round off with THREE back handsprings. The coaches have all been so incredible. With each class that she has moved up through she has fallen in love with her coaches. They take so much pride in watching these kids succeed. It rubs off on them. I've watched my daughter have very little faith in herself to working on things at home alone and KNOWING eventually she will get it. She trusts them. It certainly helps that she gets a lot of one on one time with her coaches. The classes are kept small with multiple coaches to each class. The owner is open, honest, and fair with each child and their parent. We have been patiently waiting for the right time to get our youngest in. Come this fall we will have two at this gym and I can't wait! If you are looking for a great gym, with great attitudes and a place to feel like family this is your ticket. My children will not go anywhere else. Next Level is it.

Next level is fabulous! The class sizes are very small and your child gets lots of 1 on 1 attention. My daughter has learned more in a few months than she did at any other gym. I also love that the instructors put a lot of effort into teaching self-confidence as well as tumbling! We've been very happy with Next Level!

Next Level is awesome! Our girls have been taking tumbling at Next Level for approximately 2 years. The coaching staff is very attentive, motivating and knowledgeable. There is a focus on proper technique to safely perform tricks. If you are looking for a tumbling facility, look no further, Next Level is the best!

My daughter has been a student at Next Level for two years and we LOVE it!! Lori and her staff are awesome! My daughter's skills have improved so much since she began training at Next Level. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested in tumbling or cheer!!