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Lori Hadley

Lori has always had a love for gymnastics and cheerleading. Growing up participating in both, Lori developed a passion for each sport and always tried to encourage her friends and fellow cheerleaders to get involved as well. Lori attended The University of Alabama from 1990-1994 and was the program director at Alabama Gymnastics Academy from 1990-1995, working very closely with David and Sarah Patterson, learning as much as possible by helping coach with the college team. She then opened, operated, and successfully ran her own gym and all-star cheerleading program in Eufaula, AL for 12 years.  
Lori decided to obtain her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from South Alabama so she sold her business and moved to Daphne in 2008. She coached several all-star teams at Cheer Force One during the three years she was in PT School and then moved with Gem of Champions when Cheer Force One closed in 2010. Lori has combined her numerous years of experience in gymnastics and cheerleading and her vast knowledge of physical therapy to make herself the best possible coach.
Lori LOVES, I mean LOVES, Alabama football, and her favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Easter.   She also loves Italian food, so it is no surprise her favorite restaurant is a local….Cousin Vinny's.  In addition, Lori enjoys working out, reading and learning, paddle boarding, fishing with her husband Steven.  Lori and Steven are very busy as Steven owns Daphne Fit Body Bootcamp.  They have three dogs, Samson (German Shepherd) , Douglas (rescue dog) and Livi (our other rescue dog), and they love to go on long walks with them.  When Lori and Steven are not working, or traveling to California for Steven's work, they enjoy just being at home with their dogs, watching great movies, and serving at Church of the Highlands.


Bre Gallia

Coach Bre has been a remarkable team member of Next Level Tumbling for several years now. She is very passionate about the sport and has been coaching for more than 14 years. Just a few of her many accomplishments entail being a cheerleader for one of her favorite college football team, LSU. As well as being the Head Coach for the University of South Alabama’s cheerleading team. Bre is a true ‘Go Getter’. When she’s not coaching she’s in the gym working out, scuba diving with her brother Cory, or horseback riding. Some might not know this about Bre, but one of her biggest pet peeves is loud eating, so no smacking around her unless you want to see CRAZY EYES! Bre also enjoys dinners with her family at her favorite restaurant, R&R’s. Her favorite vacation has been to Key West, and the holiday she gets most excited for is Christmas. Your child will love being in class with Coach Bre… She loves working with kids and her passion for the sport is contagious.


Shawn Johnson

Coach Shawn has been with Next Level Tumbling since 2012. He has been coaching this sport for over 25 years and has coached athletes for the World Championships in power tumbling. You could say he is a BIG DEAL. Shawn is married to Jamie Johnson and they have 2 cats. He loves to mountain bike, fish, and pull for all SEC football teams. Shawn is also the art teacher at Fairhope Middle School. A few more tidbits about him are: he enjoys vacations to Disney World, dining at Felix’s restaurant, and Christmas is his favorite holiday. Shawn’s biggest pet peeve is annoying sounds while he is driving. If you are in one of his classes, you are sure to enjoy his awesome personality along with his tender heart and genuine joy of working with children.


Angel Black

Coach Angel has been a wonderful team member at Next Level Tumbling for several years. She has competed with the University of South Alabama in cheerleading and is very meticulous about the sport. When Angel isn’t working she enjoys being very active swimming, paddle boarding and being outdoors. There aren’t many things Angel doesn’t like, but one of here biggest pet peeves is when people say the word “can’t”. Angel loves spending time with her husband and two kids. Christmas is one of her favorite holidays, and Half Shells is on the top of her favorite restaurant list. She is a driven and ambitious young woman who enjoys working with kids of all ages.


Casey Cameron

Coach Casey is a delight to have on our team! She was a cheerleader at Daphne High School then went on to cheer at the University of South Alabama. She loves learning new things about tumbling and understanding movement. Her goals are not only to coach kids to getting new skills but truly having great body control and understanding of how they move. When Casey isn’t working she enjoys fishing, Crossfit, and tumbling. Casey loves throwing the frisbee with her dalmatian. The 4th of July is one of her favorite holidays, and Bluegill is on the top of her favorite restaurant list. She is a driven and ambitious young woman who enjoys working with kids of all ages.


Macy Burkett

We are so excited to have coach Macy on our team!  Macy was a Troy University cheerleader for 2 years and was apart of the NCA staff. Macy's favorite tumbling trick is a back handspring. Her favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving and her favorite breakfast is Chick-Fil-A's chicken biscuit. When she is not at work Macy enjoys watching Steel Magnolias and hanging out with her husband, Matthew. Macy is a true delight to have here at Next Level.


Jay Stafford

Coach Jay graduated from the University of South Alabama with a bachelors Degree in Economics. His favorite skill to do is a standing full. His favorite skills to teach are standing tucks and roundoff back handspring tucks. When he is not coaching he enjoys playing music, fishing, playing tennis, and working out. His favorite restaurant is Moe's and his biggest accomplishment is earning his college degree. His favorite holiday is Christmas.


Jackie Zumsteg


Zoƫ Harris

Welcome Zoë back to our Next Level team! She was a cheerleader at Fairhope High School and worked here as a junior coach for 4 years. Zoë graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. She is now a head coach, works in the office, and is attending graduate school. When Zoë isn’t working she enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and trying new restaurants. Christmas is one of her favorite holidays and R&R Seafood is her favorite restaurant. Her favorite skill to spot is a back walkover.


Anna Kate O'Connor

Anna Kate, also known as "AK,"  has been a part of the Next Level family for a long time. She has a deep love for the sport and her biggest accomplishment in tumbling has been getting her Roundoff Backhandspring Full Twisting Layout on dead mat. AK attends Spanish Fort High School where she is a part of many extra curriculars such as Spanish Fort Varsity Cheerleading, Fellowship Of Christian Athletes Leadership Team, Project Outreach, Key Club Leadership Team, Diamond Doll, Morning News announcer,  FCCLA and HOSA. When she is not coaching she enjoys going out on the boat, hangout with friends and of course tumbling. Anna Kate loves coaching because she gets to teach others about the sport she love the most.  Something you should know about her is that she was born on the 4th of July so you could say she is a bit of a firework! AK has one younger sister and two pet poodles Moses and Charlie. We love having Anna Kate on our team and so will you!


Langlee Wallace

Langlee attends Daphne High School where she is on the cheerleading team. Her greatest accomplishment thus far would be winning first place in every category when her cheer team went to cheer camp. Once she graduates she hopes to become a Pediatrician. Her favorite thing about being a coach is that she gets to talk and interact with the kids. Her favorite skill to spot is a backwalkover and her favorite level to coach would be level 1. When Langlee is not coaching she loves to spend time with her four younger siblings, play with her  five dogs, or volunteer at prodisy pantry. Langlee is such a joy to have on staff and we could not be more grateful for her!  


Riley Mellett

Coach Riley attends Daphne High School where she is a Daphne High School Varsity Cheerleader; a member of Project Outreach, NHS, Girls Service Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and Spanish Honors Society; as well as holding an officer position in Student Government Association. When she graduates she hopes to become a Criminal Defense Attorney. A fun fact about Riley is that she has been to 6 different countries. As the oldest of two, her biggest accomplishment to date is being apart of a nationally ranked cheer team. Riley's favorite thing about coaching is getting the opportunity to encourage and form bonds with each individual student and watching their progression.  When she is not coaching you can find her hanging with her dog, Teddy. We are thrilled to have her on our team!


Zoie Pratt

We are so happy to welcome Coach Zoie on staff with us! She attends Daphne High School where is a part of DHS Cheerleading, SGA, and Project Outreach where she has had the opportunity to accomplish so many things such as Top 12 in Dogwood Pageants, UCA All-American, and UCA Pin it forward recipient. Zoie definitely has a love for this sport as she aspires to cheer in college once she graduates. Her favorite thing about coaching is watching a child get super excited when getting a new skill. Her favorite skill to spot is a backbend kickover. A fun fact about Zoie is that she is the youngest of three and has three super cute dogs. When she is not coaching you can find her doing her favorite hobby which is to sing. Your child will love being coached by Zoie.


Sarah Martin

Sarah is one of our newest staff members at Next Level and we could not be more excited to have her on our team! She attends McGill Toolen where she has proudly become a member of the Varsity Cheerleading Team. Once she graduates she hopes to become a Speech Therapist. A fun fact about Sarah is that she is under 5 feet tall making her the shortest member of the Next Level Staff. Her favorite skill to spot is a standing backbend. When she is not coaching you can find her hanging out with her dog Charlie, hanging out with her friends, or watching One Tree Hill.


Kaedyn Weaver

We are beyond excited to welcome Kaedyn to our team! As current student she definitely knows the Next Level way. If you ever see her tumbling in the gym, you would be blown away. Kaedyn is the oldest of three and attends Daphne High School where she is apart of the Cheerleading Team. Her hobbies include cheer, tumbling, and traveling. When she is not at the gym or school she is playing baseball with her younger brother. Some fun facts about her are that her favorite restaurant is Baumhower's and her favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves getting to know students at our gym and she has a lot of skills knowledge to bring to them!


Alexia Umetsu

Alexia is one of our newest employees and has been such a joy to see her growing into a great coach! She also is one of our own students here at Next Level. She has been tumbling for 7 years and her favorite skill is a backhandspring or a backtuck. Alexia loves eating at California Dreaming and Halloween is her favorite time of year, like many. Her favorite thing about working at Next Level is being able to watch our students progress and become proud of their accomplishments by working harder over time.


Abby Wren

We are excited to introduce, junior coach Abby Wren to our team. Abby has been a student here at Next Level since 2016. She has six months of coaching experience. Her favorite trick to spot is a backwalkover. Her greatest accomplishment in this sport is roundoff backhandspring layout. When Abby isn’t coaching she enjoys cheerleading, swimming, and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite college football team is Auburn. Abby’s favorite vacation is when she went with her family to Jamaica. She has two dogs, a labradoodle named, Shadow and a golden doodle named, Baymax. Abby’s pet peeve is when people talk really loud on a phone call. Her favorite restaurant is Cactus Cantina, and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

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